Sunday, May 19, 2019

When Your Retirement Plans Meet Reality - Hustler Daily Thumbs Up - May 19

Good day fellow Encore Hustlers.

The Sunday New Times has a great story Why Working Till Whenever is a Risky Retirement Strategy.  The story profiles several people who experience late career layoffs and the difficulty in remaining in the workforce.  Often they face age discrimination and when employment is found it is usually a contract or at a lower salary.  At some point they are forced to dip into retirement savings or to take Social Security benefits at age 62.   One person profiled has decided to follow her passion about dogs and has started a blog about canine marketing to supplement her income.

This article is a great example why we need to be always working on a Plan B.  Rather than coasting to a retirement have a plan to keep your skills relevant, network, save as much as possible and develop a side hustle.

Mr. EH

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