Saturday, May 18, 2019

Hustler Daily Thumbs Up - May 18 - Aging Japan, Herman Wouk, I.M. Pei

Hello Encore Hustlers

Demographics continue to kick our butts.  The trend to continue working past the traditional retirement age can be seen around the global.  It is especially prevalent in Japan, since it has a fastest growing aging population.  Check out this story 75-Year-Old Job Hunters Could Become New Normal in Aging Japan from Bloomberg

Also I wanted to note the passing of author Herman Wouk at age 103 and architect I.M. Pei at age 102.  Wouk was best known for the bestsellers The Caine Mutiny and The Winds of War published his last book at age 101.  I.M. Pei gave us the iconic pyramid entrance at the Louvre in Paris and he completed his final major project the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha when he was in his 90's.

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