Monday, May 20, 2019

Fashion Model at Age 80 - Hustler Daily Thumbs Up - May 20

Somedays it is so difficult to select the one story that I want to post and pass on to my fellow Encore Hustlers.  For example today I found great articles in Fast Company and NextAvenue but this story, from The Daily Mail, really caught my fancy.

Beate Howitt, at age 80, has been signed as a fashion model in the UK.  She is part of a trend of seniors gracing the pages of fashion magazines.  Amazingly the fashion industry has discovered that beauty does not necessarily diminish with age and seniors have the funds to buy fashionable clothes.

Beate spent her adult years as a primary school teacher but in her youth she yearned to be a fashion model.  However her parents convinced her to take the safer route of being a teacher.

She fell into modeling by chance, when one day, while shopping she was asked to participate in a charity fashion show and it was during that appearance she was scouted by a modeling agency.  What I like about this story is that she was not afraid to say YES to an opportunity, especially one that fulfilled a childhood dream.

How many of us harbor childhood dreams and passions that did not happen because we took the safer route.  What better time for these dreams to blossom, than in an encore career.  If not now, then when?

Happy hustling

Mr. EH

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