Saturday, April 20, 2019

Mr EH Has A New Hustle

When I started this blog it was partly for the reason of getting myself back into the habit of keeping a writing schedule.  For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a writer.  In university, while studying engineering, I also wrote concert reviews for the the student newspaper and did book reviews for the town newspaper.  After graduation, and while working for at a steel mill, I also freelanced as a stringer for a regional business magazine, and as movie reviewer for a newspaper in northern Michigan.

But alas, I had put my freelancing on hold for many years.  There were a number of reasons, a growing family, a move to the United States with the restrictions of work visas that made it difficult to have outside income, and growing work responsibilities that often entailed long hours and frequent travel.  For much of this time my writing was mainly office reports and the annual family holiday letter.

One of my hopes in maintaining The EncoreHustle blog was to eventually ease my way back into freelancing writing.  Like many EncoreHustlers I wanted my side hustle to be something involving an activity from their youth that had to be put aside as life got in the way.

So it looks like my plan it starting to work.  This month I am freelancing with Senior Times, a monthly magazine published in Kennewick, Washington.   Check out my first article Retirement Looks Much Different Than In Decades Past.  I will also be occasionally freelancing for their parent publication, Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business and they already accepted an article on local delivery side hustlers that will appear in the next issue.  In the future, when my articles appear, I will post their publication.  In addition, getting my work out in print will also drive more traffic to my blog and increase my online community, building the EncoreHustler brand.

Also, I hope this is just the start of my freelancing and I will be looking for opportunities for writing assignments in either print or digital outlets, including guest posts in other blogs or websites.  So if you know of any publications or sites that might welcome a submission, I would love to contribute.  Please let me know. For now I will focus side hustles and senior issues but I hope to expand my portfolio in the future.  For example, I love to try my hand at writing a regional travel piece or a book review.


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