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The Hustle High Five - Hustler News of the Week - April 13

Hello EncoreHustlers.

As promised in my last post I am posting again this week to make up for missing last week.

Before I start with the High Five I would like to give you an update on a previous post on the Job Seeker app.

So far this year I have earned over $210 in Amazon cash using the app to take photos of Help Wanted signs on local businesses.  This has been a nice little micro side hustle but this week Indeed the job search engine that created the app has updated it.  For the better, the app now has a map that shows all the locations that you have snapped photos of in the last 90 days.  The map also shows which locations are eligible for resubmission, which is a handy tool for maximizing your time spent using the app.  On the downside of the update, it appears that the Verify feature of Job Spotter has been removed.  This feature allowed you to earn extra money by verifying the veracity of other users Help Wanted submissions.  If you have any experience using the updated Job Spotter app I would appreciate hearing your comments if the changes have been an improvement.

Now for the High Five.

1)   There are many reasons for making the decision to postpone retirement.  The one most often cited is economic, but read this story that makes the case of continuing to work being a factor can also contribute to continued happiness and a longer, healthier life.  Also read this article about a study from Germany that shows that a lower pension can reduce your lifespan by as much a five years.

2)   If you do make the commitment to work past 65 a common method is a phased retirement that allows you to work fewer hours.  However, as you can see in the article, not all companies will accommodate this plan.  Also you need to read this story about Medicare and working past 65, missing applications deadlines can be costly.  Many licensed professionals such as lawyers also have to consider at what point should they give up their license when they give up their practice.  Read this piece what might be worth considering when making in this decision.

3)   Has it always been your dream to pursue your artistic interests as a second career?  If so, then read these pieces of a retired Sioux City psychotherapist whose art work has been featured in over 40 shows and the former Massachusetts state attorney who has published the first of a planned series of YA (Young Adult) novels.

4)   Another encore career path can be starting a new business.  It is not uncommon for fledging entrepreneurs to launch their business in an incubator environment.  But often these incubators are not designed for encore careers.  However Israel recognized this and has launched an incubator for people 60+.  Read all about it in this piece from NextAvenue.

5)   I would like to end with a sweet story of two sisters who retired with a cool encore career of opening a frozen yogurt store in the Chicago suburb of Elgin.

Well, that wraps up this weeks High Five.

So until next week, enjoy your hustle.

Mr.  EH

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