Friday, April 26, 2019

The Hustle High Five - Hustler News of the Week - April 21

Hello Encore Hustlers.

Buckle up and enjoy today's stories.

1)  One of the common concerns we have in our late careers is convincing employers that we have still so much to offer.  Check out this story from Marketwatch about a CFO who couldn't get hired at 61, so he stared his own business.  Also it is never too late to achieve late career success as featured in the interview with Rich Karlgaard, the author of Late Bloomers: The Power of Patience in a World Obsessed with Early Achievement.  In Maine the older worker is hot commodity, they are the largest segement of the labor force, so read about the Boomer Institute that matches them with compatible employers.  One option that many employers now offer is to continue working but remotely from home.  If you think this appeals to you then read this story of What Working Remotely Means For Baby Boomers' Retirement Plans.

2)   Rather than playing the interviewing game to convince employers of your worth, this might be the best time to pursue your passion and strike out on an encore career.  Read these two stories, the first gives an appraisal of the positives and negatives for an encore careen and the second on how to pursue your passion.  Also check this piece on how to retirement can mean reinventing yourself.

3)   If you do return to work after retiring, it is critical that you protect the benefits that you earned before retirement.  This story is about how it will affect your social security.  If you are a retired Federal employee then check this article about how to boost your benefits if you "unretire".

4)  Forbes magazine has great articles about retirement and side hustles.  Here are three stories from Forbes that I really enjoyed. The first is about Becoming An Apartment Rental Agent as an encore career.  The second is how to Increase the Odds That You Can Continue Working In Your Retirement Years. The third is Retirement is Dead!.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

5)  Here is interesting story from the New York Times about a 71 year old artist from California who makes $40K per year driving for Uber.  It details the long hours and expenses involved in being an Uber drive that does not paint a flattering picture of this gig.  Of course, while I am reading it I am wondering why does he keep driving for Uber?  There are many other options for work that he could explore, Trader Joes' is well known as workplace for seniors that provides good salary and benefits, for example.  If your side hustle is not working, it might be time to explore other options.

6)  And here is a bonus story that I just had to include.  You know I am a sucker encore hustlers that are on the long tail of the curve and here is a story about a 100-year-old yoga teacher that is really an inspiration.

As always, enjoy the hustle.

Mr. EH

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