Sunday, August 4, 2019

Work remotely with FlexJobs - Hustler Daily Thumbs Up - August 4

Hello fellow Encore Hustlers

When it comes to working after retirement many encore hustlers would love to have a gig that is part-time and allows them to be location independent.  Want work hours that suits your schedule?  Want to work from home or while on the road? Then maybe looking for work through FlexJobs, a job board website that specializes in freelance, part-time and remote work, might be the ticket.

According to this article from The Hampton Roads Business Journal (Virginia), there are over 32,000 listings on the site with vacancies varying from small companies to Fortune 500 corporations.  You can search over 50 different job categories including: accounting, public relations, business development, writing, marketing, science, sales, nonprofits, human resources, graphic design, consulting and event planning, to name a few.

Searching for jobs is free but to obtain specific details for application you are required to be a subscriber at $14.95 a month.  Being a subscriber also gives you access to tons of resources, including: company resources, resume review, and interviewing tips, all with a guarantee of satisfaction.

So if you want to take your encore job hunt to the next level, then FlexJobs might be worth the subscription fee.

Mr. EH

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