Tuesday, August 6, 2019

"Driveaway" to an encore hustle - Hustler Daily Thumbs Up - August 6

Hello fellow Encore Hustlers.

If you ask almost anyone what they plan do to after they retire, most likely one of the top responses will be hitting the open road and taking long driving trips.

Imagine if you can also combine this with an encore hustle by hiring on to perform cross country  drives for people who need their cars moved from one side of the country to another.

Read this story about retirees who sign up for a "driveaway" encore hustle.  They get paid an hourly rate, expenses and return flights home in exchange for agreeing to drive clients cars or trucks, usually as part of a cross country relocation.  Hiring a driver, rather than trusting a moving company, is the preference on many people, since a drive can deliver the car faster and with less damage.

You can find "driveway" gigs by advertising on Craigslist or Facebook, or you can simply search for "hire someone one to drive your car cross country".  A better way to secure this hustle is to sign up as a driver more one of the many companies that offer this service, such as Professional Drivers.

Maybe it's time to hit the road with this encore hustle.

Mr. EH

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