Sunday, July 7, 2019

Japanese encore hustlers turn to uber eats - Hustler Daily Thumbs Up - July 7

Hello fellow Encore Hustlers

Uber is synonymous with the gig economy and it is lightening rod for controversy.  What are the legal status of Uber gig workers?  While a boon to consumers it is also a disruptor of established industries.

This has lead to Uber being totally or partially banned in many countries: Italy, South Korea, Australia, Germany, China and Japan.  This ban has not deterred Uber from their plan for world domination, it just meant the company needed expand beyond their original model to offer food delivery - Uber Eats.

According this article from Business Insider, Japanese seniors are signing up for the food delivery service.  Uber Eats has been a boon to retired Japanese who a seeking ways to supplement their pensions and it has also taken advantage of the tight labor market where it is difficult to find workers.

Mr. EH

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