Saturday, July 6, 2019

Advice from the Side Hustle School - Hustler Daily Thumbs

Hello fellow Encore Hustlers

Chris Guillebeau, the host of the Side Hustle School podcast, was a major inspiration for Mr. EH to start the Encore Hustle blog.  He has written several bestselling books, including his latest 100 Side Hustles for Making Extra Money Without Quitting Your Day Job.

Guillebeau's advice for starting an encore hustle, as reported in this article from Forbes, include:

  • Use the skills you already have
  • Follow a problem, instead of a passion
  • Teach what you know
  • Do good and do well
His advice has helped millions of people find their side hustle.  If you have not come across any of his books or podcast Mr EH would heartily recommend that it would be worth your time to check him out.

Mr. EH


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