Friday, May 31, 2019

Are you ready to be upskilled? - Hustler Daily Thumbs Up - May 30

Hello fellow Encore Hustlers

The world of encore hustling continues to coin new words: failing at retirement, unretiring, phased retirement etc, etc.

The latest addition to the lexicon that Mr EH has come across is in this article from TechRepublic about the need to upskill older workers. Apparently this is another way of saying older workers can be trained to use digital technology.

You can excuse Mr EH if he sounds a bit cynical about need to be upskilled, especially since he works in an industry with a workforce with a median age of 50+ and we as a whole are very comfortable using an array of digital devices.

But, despite Mr EH's aside, this is an interesting article since it demonstrates an appreciation of the importance of the senior worker having critical knowledge for the success of the company. It also provides a path for the older worker to remain relevant. By embracing new technology and taking the lead passing that knowledge to younger coworkers, it can provide a means to extending your career, be it full time, a phased glide to retirement or continuing on a part-time basis.

How would rate your tech savviness? Are you a Luddite at heart or the person who can wax lyrically about the latest iPhone upgrades?

Mr.  EH

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