Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Hustle High Five - Hustler News of the Week - March 2

Hello EncoreHustlers!  Without preamble here are the High Fives

1)  Many companies are now recognizing the value of keeping and pampering older employees.  Back in day getting a steady paycheck was a great perk.  Now yoga and coffee bars are in vogue.  Check out this story from Barron's on the next workplace trend.

2)  As a companion to the story above here is a very good piece from The Washington Post about companies dealing with the Boomer Generation. It appears the need to retain older workers is not uniform across the economy.

3)  Mystery shopping is a great side hustle to makes a few extra bucks. Read this story about a music teacher who gets assigned to being a secret shopper at luxury hotels

4)  Retired government employees are usually restricted from returning to work to the agency they left. Now many civic governments are reconsidering this rule, and Pensacola is looking at allowing retired police officers to return to duty on a part time basis.

5)  Everyone believes that they have a novel in them just waiting to be put on paper. Retirement might be the best time to see if you have a story worth telling. Read about this retired Virginia dentist who finally realized his dream by authoring thriller themed novels.

Have a great week. Hope your hustles are successful.


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