Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Hustle High Five - Hustler News of the Week - February 22

Hello fellow hustlers.

I have been enjoying capping my week with searching for news of encore hustles and putting together this post.  When I started this weekly post I was looking for a catchy title and thought "high five" would do the job.   But I have quickly found that some weeks there is just too many stories to keep it limited to a handful. So I hope you don't mind if I cheat a little by grouping together stories of a common topic.

1)  Everyone knows about the opportunities to earn side hustle cash with driving for Uber or renting your  living space on Airbnb.  Did you also know that you can also rent out your kayak or yacht on a variety of sites such as GetMyBoat which connects owners and day sailers?  Check out this story on the boat sharing economy.

2)  As I have mentioned in previous posts working past the traditional retirement age is an international phenomena.  Check out these stories from the UK and Romania about surveys that indicate the majority of retirees continue to work to supplement their pension checks.  It is clear that governments, businesses and society will have recognize this and realize that millions of seniors who want to or need to work.

3)  Read these stories about retirees who have found encore careers.  A Minnesota Sales Manager who unretired to become an insurance agent, a California former nurse who now looks after pets when their owners are traveling, and an 85 year old admin assistant in rural Pennsylvania.

4)  Here is a cautionary story about a Cleveland, Ohio 73-year-old grandmother who was forced to return to work as a part-time school custodian.  Social Security cut her benefits by $12K a year due to the Windfall Elimination Provision that mandates that if you receive a pension from a government job your Social Security benefits are reduced.  In her case it was due to her 20 years working in the school system.

5)  The taste of food from your childhood can bring back a wealth of memories (just ask Marcel Proust).  In the case of a San Francisco retired aerospace executive, she started Angkor Food to sell the Cambodian cooking sauces that are a homage to her mother.

As always, have a great week.  I would appreciate you sharing this post and I love receiving your comments.


Mr. EH

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