Friday, February 8, 2019

The Hustle High Five - Hustler News of the Week - February 8

Hello Hustlers.

Thanks for starting your weekend with reading this post.  I enjoyed spending my afternoon rounding up these stories, hope you find them interesting.

1)   Here is a nice piece from the Minnesota StarTribune that profiles several side hustlers, including retired nurse Geri Stroud, 77, who supplements her Social Security by playing her keyboard in mini-concerts at senior living residences, making up to $100 an hour playing the oldies.

2)   This is a somber story from Dallas that describes the difficulty that older workers encounter when trying to find a new job after a late career layoff.  The statistics are depressing but the story does offer sound advice and profiles the good work of Dallas's The Senior Source and its Elder Financial Safety Center that has helped thousands of +50 year old workers find new jobs.
3)   The law is still catching up with the ramifications of seniors continuing to work past what is considered the official retirement age.  One gotcha is that if you are receiving Social Security benefits and continuing to work for an employer that offers a Health Savings Account (HSA), then you are not allowed to contribute to the plan.  Well, read about Ohio Congressman Bob Latta who is introducing a piece of legislation, the Stop Penalizing Working Seniors Act, that will give seniors access to HSA accounts.
4)   Transitioning to an encore career can be years in the making.  This is a good column from Forbes Making the Most Of An Encore Career that can jumpstart your planning.
5)   As I have highlighted in previous posts, working beyond retirement age is not just a US phenomena.  Here is story from the UK Mirror about a survey of British workers that indicates one in 10 plan to work full-time and one in four hope to continue working part-time.
Well that's  it for this week.  
As always, Happy Hustling.

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