Monday, February 11, 2019

Job Spotter App - Mr EH Microhustles

If you Google or Bing "apps that pay money" it is likely you will get a hit for Job Spotter.

This app, available for free download from the Apple Store or Google Play, was developed by Indeed, one of the largest job-search and recruiting sites on the web.  The premise is that when you use your phone to take pictures of local help wanted signs Job Spotter rewards you with points that can redeemed for Amazon eGift cards.  As behoves a global recruiting company, Indeed has made Job Spotter available to the US, Canada, UK and Australia.

For the past year Mr. EH has been using the Job Spotter app to make the digital equivalent of finding loose change on the pavement and has racked up almost $600 in Amazon loot.

The app is very easy to use.  If you see a HELP WANTED or WE ARE HIRING sign on a storefront simply activate the Job Spotter app and take a photo of the hiring sign and a photo of the store front that clearly identifies the business.  Click submit for the photos, the whole process takes about 30 seconds in total, and you are done.  Within a few minutes the submission will be evaluated through the Job Spotter algorithm and you will have point credits awarded to your digital Wallet.

Each point is equivalent to one US cent ($0.01).  The amount of points awarded will range from 5 to 150, and will depend on the type of business that is doing the hiring.  The maximum amount will be paid for small, independent shops that have handmade hiring signs.  Much smaller amounts will be paid for corporate chains that have hundreds of stores across the country.  I regularly get rewards of over 100 points, with the most being 135 points for an Asian cafe in Pittsburgh.  I also get plenty of "nickels" for spotting hiring decals at Starbucks.

If you live in an urban setting with lots of retail storefronts it is easy to rack up hundreds of points in a short time.  I have made over 3000 points ($30.00) in about an hour walking along Forbes Avenue, which borders the University of Pittsburgh, since almost every fast-food joint or sport apparel store on the street was advertising for help.  I have also found that walking around a mall near Christmas or a resort town in summer is quick, easy money and it gets me a bit of exercise as well.

Job Spotter also runs a monthly competition to reward power users of the app.  The person who accumulates the most points in a month will receive a $300 bonus gift card (also $150 for second place and $50 for third).  Checking the history of completion on the app I see, for January, someone who goes by the handle of Longy win with179542 ($1795.42) points and second place went to phil1210 with 119800 points ($1190.00) which is pretty impressive for what is essentially a microhustle.

There are a few ways to hack how much you can make using Job Spotter.  You are permitted to resubmit hiring signs every 30 days, which is great when you find businesses that have perennial hiring signs.  Also the Job Spotter algorithm for recognizing hiring signs has its limits, so the app has a Verify feature that prompts you to confirm hiring signs from other submitters.  Usually these are poorly lighted signs or signs that are at oblique angles.  For each series of verifications you receive 10 points and the limit is ten verifications daily for 100 points.  Sure this only translates to a dollar but it only takes a few minutes and I usually do this while watching TV.

You can empty your digital Wallet, with no minimum limit, any time you want and within a couple of days you will receive an email with a redemption code for an Amazon eGift card.  When I disclosed to the EH family that I was using the Job Spotter I took a bit of ribbing, especially when I would look for opportunities to run errands to places where I knew there would be lots of hiring signs.  However, this changed when I announced that what I banked on our Amazon account using Job Spotter would be distributed as Christmas gifts for their Wish Lists.

I would highly recommend you to try this easy to use app to make some pocket change.   I would love to hear about your experience with Job Spotter.  It would also be great to hear about other money making apps you might be using.


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