Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Start the New Year Running - Register for the AARP Online Career Network Expo

2018 is over and done.  If you, like me, spent December watching their 401k and IRA accounts veer south, then 2019 may be the year to consider pursuing a side hustle to put some extra money aside.

In a way it is comforting to know that the stock market is not the economy.  Employment rates are still at historic lows and companies are actively looking to hire dependable peoples willing to work flexible schedules.

To kickstart your job search I would highly recommend checking out the AARP website and registering for their Online Career Networking Expo.

The event is free and is scheduled for Thursday, January 24th, 1-4 PM Eastern Time.

The EXPO will focus on part-time work and will allow you to network with participating companies.

In addition topics will include resume preparation and how part-time employment effects social security retirement benefits.

Amongst the resources provided will be:

  • The Theater presenting live webinars and podcasts
  • The Exhibit Hall to meet with companies offering part-time and work-from-home opportunities
  • The Lounge to connect with other job seekers, career couches and AARP experts
  • The Resource Library giving you access interactive tools and videos to help you write a resume, improve your interview and networking skills, and help you find a job online
Sign up today and I hope to see you there.  Maybe we can a chat over a virtual coffee at the virtual food court!

Happy hunting.

Mr. EH

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