Monday, February 15, 2021

Turning Hobbies into Hustles

Hello fellow Hustlers:

Long before the pandemic shutdown thousands of businesses forcing millions to look for alternate sources of income, it was the dream of many to turn their hobby into a hustle.  Just think of the millions of sellers on Etsy who found a platform to sell their handmade goods.

Mr EH came across this great story in the New York Times that profiles several people who needed the push of the pandemic to profit from a passion:

  • an art director who started a profitable website that posts comfort food recipes
  • a website designer who cuts custom vinyl records
  • a hairdresser who sells vegan bao buns
  • a Fedex driver who makes chemical free soaps
  • a restaurant manager who bedazzles denim jackets
After reading this maybe you will give thought to whether you want to jump or be pushed when it comes to staring you encore hustle.

As always,
Keep hustling!

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