Sunday, October 13, 2019

Do police officers break the law when unretiring? - Hustler Daily Thumbs Up - October 13

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It is a not uncommon practice for retire public service employees to return to work on a limited basis.  Think of retired teachers who come back on a substitute.

However this can be a tricky situation that varies from state to state and the type of service.  State pension administrators can take a dim view if is felt that pension rules are being circumvented.

Take for example this story out of North Carolina about retired police officers returning to work on short term special assignments.  Apparently this is common practice for some time with the Charlotte PD.  Retired officers come back to work special events such providing traffic control and security at Panther games. But when the city announced that the newly retired Chief of Police would be coming back to lead security for next year's Republican National Convention, this caught the attention of the North Carolina State Treasurer who announced that "retired means retired" and a return work violates the law.

Now that the spotlight is shining on this practice it could result in a huge financial impact on retired police officers including a potential clawback on already paid pension benefits.

While this is being played out in the courts, Mr EH can only say that be very, very careful if you are a  retired public service employee considering on retiring back to work for a short term assignment.  Do your homework and consult with your state pension administrators before agreeing to work.

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