Sunday, August 11, 2019

Overwhelmed by medical debt and tragic consequences- Hustler Daily Thumbs Up - August 11

Hello fellow Encore Hustlers

In the last post Mr EH linked to an article about the dramatic rise in bankruptcy filing for those over 65.  One of the major reasons cited is resorting to credit cards to pay for medical bills.

Yesterday it was sad to read of a murder/suicide of an elderly couple in Washington state.  The husband called the local 911 dispatch and during the call he explained that fears over high medical bills were the reasons for the actions that he was about to take.  When police arrived to their home they found that the husband had carried out his threat.

According to court records the couple filed for bankruptcy in 2016 with credit card debits exceeding $120,000.

If you know anyone who is overwhelmed by debt due to medical expenses please reach out to patient-assistance organizations to help negotiate and deal with current medical debt and future expenses.

Mr. EH

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