Thursday, June 6, 2019

Three UK ladies who decide not to Brexit from working - Hustler Daily Thumbs Up - June 5

Hello fellow Encore Hustlers

Yesterday I posted a story about Aussies retirees rebooting with encore careers.  Today, keeping with my unintentional theme, I have a link to a story about three women from North Yorkshire, UK, who have decided to embrace refirement, to use the word coined by one of the ladies to express to return to work they are passionate about.

Nicola Joy-Smith retired from nursing to open her own health and beauty clinic (

Anita Tasker after running bakeries for many years opened her own establishment called Square Bakehouse.

Annie Stirk retired from a successful PR business to start dual careers as a fashion model and blogger with the website Time of Your Life, with the mission to connect and inspire women in retirement.

All three women are having the time of their lives, enjoying the challenge of launching businesses and being connected with their customers.

Mr. EH

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