Thursday, June 20, 2019

Reinvention in your senior years - Hustler Daily Thumbs Up - June 20

Hello fellow Encore Hustlers

Check out this longread article from The Atlantic about the regret that many feel as their working careers approach their end.  For many it can lead to depression, health issues and early death.

This dreaded feeling of the end is acutely felt by professionals at the top of their game,  professional athletes, scientists, artists, or titans of industry.

The article does provide some remedy for this malaise by recommending that you recognize the enviable decline and embrace it by reinventing yourself.  For example, JS Bach went from being a composer to a teacher in his later years, allowing him to mentor another generation of composers.

I know that few of us can compare to those at the top of their professional peak but we will in all likelihood feel regrets and depression as see our talents diminish and careers come to an end either slowly or abruptly.

This is the time to consider how you will spend the coming years.  Will it be reinventing yourself? Taking what you know in a new direction or pursuing a totally new course?  Or will be a time of regret and sadness of what was and what will never be?


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