Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Malaysian encore hustle is a marathon not a race - Hustler Daily Thumbs Up - May 10

Hello fellow Encore Hustlers

I love finding stories about encore hustlers anywhere in the world and I am glad that I came across this piece from Malaysia about Wan Yew Leong, a retired banker and runner.

Encore hustles have been slow to catch on in Malaysia but Leong was inspired to become a seniorpreneur after a visit to nearby Singapore and noticing the large number of seniors still in the workforce.  Leong, live many encore hustlers, decided to combine passion and experience into a business opportunity.

He has been a marathon runner since his 20's and from experience he knew how important hydration is during a race.  He decided to establish a business that would manage marathon hydration stations, including setting up tables, stocking water and isotonic beverages, and filling cups to hand out to the runners.  While most of the hydration team are volunteers, provided by race organizers, there has to a core group of employees to handle the organizing and logistics and that is the service Leong provides.  He also has the policy of hiring seniors and about half his employees are over 60 years.

I definitely think that Leong deserves a victory lap with this encore hustle.

Mr. EH

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