Monday, June 3, 2019

Hitting the road in an RV to pursue your hustle - Hustler Daily Thumbs Up - June 3

Hello fellow Encore Hustlers.

America has always had an image of itself as a nation in motion, so it is no surprise to read that more than 1 million Americans live full-time in RV's.  Many of these modern nomads use side hustles to fund this lifestyle or have found companies that allow them to log on and work remotely.

These Workampers can find jobs through sites like Workamper News or through Facebook groups.  Some cross the country looking for seasonal work that can include harvesting crops and others have joined the Amazon CamperForce program that hires people on a seasonal basis for warehouse jobs and pays their campsite fees.  Another popular gig is signing up to work at USAJOBS to work seasonal jobs at our National Parks.

I wonder is this is what Lewis and Clark had in mind for America when they made their to the Pacific?

Mr. EH

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