Monday, June 17, 2019

Encore hustler winds up in court - Hustler Daily Thumbs Up - June 17

Hello fellow Encore Hustlers

After a decades of work it can be difficult for licensed professionals, like doctors or lawyers, to step back and fully retire.  But on the other hand they might have the desire to pursue another aspect of their professions that were never explored.

Read this article about Paul Hurdle, who after retiring as a senior partner in a prestigious DC law firm, has now become, possibly, the oldest law clerk in the US, at the age of 71.  Law clerks act as assistants to judges and aid in the research and drafting of court briefs.  Clerking is considered a plum assignment and clerks are usually recent law school graduates who finish near the top of their class.

Clerks, after finishing their stint, usually become hot properties on the legal job market.  Therefore is is unusual for clerking to be the encore career of someone who has served as a lawyer for decades, but ironically it was one position that Hurdle did not pursue through his legal career.

After reading this, can you think of some acre of your chosen field that might be worth plowing?


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