Monday, April 1, 2019

The Hustle High Five - Hustler News of the Week - March 31

Hello EncoreHustlers

The signs of spring are in the air here in the Northwest.  Longer days. Baseball. The Final Four.  Tulips growing in our front yard.  

Yes, this is the season of growth and renewal.  So what better time than now to plant and grow your side hustle.

Here are the seeds, it up to you to plant and tend them.

1)   If you are one of many who have decided to unretire you should read this article from US News & World Report about how to invest your money after returning to work.

2)   Here are a trio of stories that agree that companies cannot afford to ignore older workers.  The first from The Financial Times, the second is from Workforce, and the third is from The Recorder.

3)   In a related subject, check out this piece about how more seniors in the Virginia workforce are helping the state economy.

4)   For people nearing retirement but not ready to quit working completely can consider a bridge job that can be different from one's original occupation and with shorter hours.  If this sounds like something you are considering read this article from Forbes.

5)   I always enjoy a good side hustle story and here are two of them.  The first is about a North Carolina nurse who makes elderberry tinctures. The second is about a Florida man who makes banjos and furniture from salvaged wood.

Have a great week.


Mr. EH

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