Friday, January 25, 2019

The Hustle High Five - Hustler News of the Week - January 25

Hello Encore Hustlers.  It has been a busy week for Mr. EH, with a lot going on in the real world, but I still managed to find a couple of hours to cobble together the weekly High Five.

1)   Retirement is not just taking long vacations and visiting the grandkids.  Part-time work is a way of providing additional structure to your day.  Read one man's story in the Forbes article A Lyft Driver Reveals 3 Surprises About Life in Retirement.

2)   I work in an industry with an aging workforce with senior employees who have a vast amount of critical knowledge.  One option is prevent this knowledge being lost is a phased retirement.  Learn more about phased retirement in these articles from The Next Avenue Boomer Brain Drain: The Big Mistake Employers Are Making and the Real Daily Pros and Cons of Trying a Phased Retirement Program.

3)   If you are nearing or in retirement, continuing your education to learn new skills and remain engaged is an excellent idea.  This article from Study International discusses doing this from a global perspective Online Courses: Why Working Adults and 67 Year-Olds are Signing Up.

4)   There are tons of resources available from universities and policy centers on how government and companies need to be assisting the aging workforce.  Check out this page from the Brookings Institute Proposals To Keep Older People In The Labor Force which provides a link to the full report that includes the following proposals:
  • establishing that age 70 is the nation’s full retirement age;
  • restating 401(k) balances as flows of retirement income; and
  • instituting workplace seminars for employees in their 50s about the advantages of working longer.
5)   To end this post here is an international story from Croatia about labor shortages and a government proposal to allow retirees to work part-time and still draw a pension to support the booming tourist industry.

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