Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Hustle High Five - Hustler News of the Week - January 11

Hello EncoreHustlers.

It is only the second Hustle High Five post and I am already fudging the numbers.  It is has been such a good week for side hustle stories that I couldn't resist adding a few extra.

1)  Quartz has an interesting report on the benefits of continuing to work after what is typically considered retirement age in the story The Secret of a Secure Retirement is Not Retiring at All.

2)  The New York Times profiled Marc Freedman, the founder of, an organization with the mission to "tap the skills and experience of people in midlife and beyond to improve communities".  Read Bringing Older Americans Back Into the Fold.

3)  Check out this story What to do after retirement, about a Senior Job Club being established in Garden City, Kansas to assist retirees who want to return to work.

4)  This is a good article, from the Longview (Texas) News-Journal, stressing the importance of meeting Medicare application deadlines as you approach 65, Working past 65? Here's what to know about Medicare.

5)  Here are two articles about government employees working side hustles while on furlough.  The first about a diplomat writing on-line product reviews and the second about two sisters starting a cheesecake business.

6)  Just to remind everyone that retirees seeking side hustles is not just an American phenomena here are two international stories, the first from Germany, and the second from Singapore.  The interesting aspect of these two stories is that other countries, especially those with strong economies, such as Germany and Singapore have pension systems that leave their elder citizens barely living above the poverty line.

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