Saturday, November 25, 2017

Mr EH's First eBay Listing - He Shoots, He Scores

Dear Readers

As you will recall from an earlier post, Swedes have a word for it, I recommended listing and selling on eBay as an Encore Hustle.

Well I have a confession to make, until last week I was an eBay virgin, having never listed anything on eBay myself.  Now what sort of Encore Hustler would I be if I did not take my own advice?

While checking my stash of airline club passes for an upcoming flight in December I noticed that I had two passes that were expiring at the end of November.  My first thought was regret that I would not be using the passes and that they would be going to waste.  Then I thought could I sell these passes and what would they be worth to someone else?   What would be a fair price for the opportunity to escape the chaos of an airport terminal during the Thanksgiving rush and to kick back and relax in a comfortable chair with unlimited snacks and beverages

Searching eBay I found over a 150 sellers listing United Club passes with prices ranging from  $20 to over $50 and with various expiration dates.  I clicked on the tab to start a sellers account and after a few steps I had created an account under EncoreHustle and had listed the passes for $20 (+ $3 for shipping and handling) hoping for a quick sale.

Within 24 hours I had an offer and $23 in my PayPal account, success!!  I had turned an item that I paid nothing for and was soon to be less than worthless into pure profit.

Now I am wondering what will be next item to be listed on the eBay EncoreHustle store.  I think this will a great opportunity to prune my bookshelf for a start.

And speaking of bookshelves please note that I have added Amazon links for books that you might want to add to your shelf.

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