Saturday, October 7, 2017

Meet Bob Forrest - The First Encore Hustle Profile

Mr. EH is proud to present the first The Encore Hustle profile.

Let me introduce to Bob Forrest of Medford Oregon.

In his 80+ years Bob has been a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses.  He has sold real estate, operated a dry cleaning/laundry business and run a bus line that operated locally and charters throughout the US, Mexico and Canada.

In 1976 he founded an independent mortgage and loan business business that he continues to run today.  While he continues to work to supplement his Social Security he also says that there is real satisfaction in helping his clients.  He cites a recent example of a re-fi loan with adjusted payments that allowed a client to remain in a home that she was in danger of losing.  Bob also says being an independent business owner allows him freedom and flexibility.  He is not tied to the office and his clients can reach him via his cellphone or through his website (

He also proudly mentions his daughter who recently left home to start college.  While she has received several scholarships his continuing to work subsidizes her college expenses.

Speaking of leaving home and empty nests he also turned his spacious home into a bed & breakfast that is listed on Airbnb. Since it opened last year he has the pleasure of hosting guests from China, Bhutan, Italy and Azerbaijan.

Bob, it was great talking to you!

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